OAC Seaforth

About This Project

Located on the corner of a main arterial road in a residential area the Seaforth campus was next in line to be refurbed by Urban Building. Like recent projects features and components such as bespoke joinery, timber slat screening, vinyl floor planking, carpet tiles, feature lighting, oversized fish tank, wall paper & an emphasis on feature graphics were used to bring the campus up to date with other premises within the OAC network. Feature graphics including woodgrain signage and circular icons were installed on the perimeter fences to offer maximum branding and exposure to the motorist commuting past the campus each day. With a strict deadline set by an upcoming open day works were completed ahead of schedule.


“Brad and his team have always been prompt and professional in all the work they have done for us. Of particular note is their flexibility in working around the strict requirements of building in and around childcare centres, with the various restrictions that implies, including a lot of evening and weekend work. The team really do everything they can to meet our requirements.”
Ben Mirkin | Project Manager




May 2016


6 Weeks (Weekends Only)